Christmas Holiday Help for Crenshaw (AL) County Low Income Families in 2024

As the Christmas season and year-end holidays approach, numerous charity organizations are mobilizing to assist low-income families and bring smiles to their children. In this topic, dedicated to charities available for low-income families in Crenshaw (AL) County, we have compiled a list of these active charities for 2023. They organize various forms of assistance, including food pantries, distribution of toys, Christmas trees, and gifts, as well as providing temporary shelters. Some offer clothing to protect from the cold and other types of furniture.2023 christmas charity

Food Bank / Pantry Charity in Crenshaw (AL) :

Eagles Eye Community Development Cooperation

Adress: 274 East Mills Avenue Brantley Al 36009
County: Crenshaw
State: Alabama

Faith Walk Ministries

Adress: 153 Jeffcoat Street Luverne Al 36049
County: Crenshaw
State: Alabama

Helicon Missionary Baptist Church

Adress: 1266 East Helicon Road Grady Al 36036
County: Crenshaw
State: Alabama

Charities in Neighborhood of Crenshaw Alabama :

As we highlight the charitable efforts in the neighboring counties, you may want to check some near charities to :Crenshaw County, Alabama :

You can also ask for 211 help, there are specific websites and phone numbers for some counties and states you can check to get the help :

211 help in Alabama:

To Get additional alternatives near you, you can may contact 211 and ask for any precise information.
Phone: Call 211 or (888) 421-1266
Find another region help in this list :

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