How Maids can earn extra tips ( without asking for them )

Housekeepers who excel in their field know that the difference between a standard service and an extraordinary one lies in the details. This may result into additional earnings that can be added to the agreement fees.

Here’s how maids can leave a lasting impression and possibly earn extra tips without asking for them.

1. Perform Additional Tasks:

Customers appreciate it when they notice something extra being done without their asking. Vacuuming a rarely cleaned spot or arranging books on a shelf can create a lasting impression. These small acts of kindness demonstrate a strong commitment to your job and leave a positive impression.

2. Control Your Work and Ensure All Dirt is Gone

The target is not just to clean but to make the place sparkle. Repeat your work on a spot if you feel it’s not clean enough. Your attention to detail will not go unnoticed, and it will reflect your professionalism and dedication.

3. Find and Solve an unassigned Problem

If you notice a leaky faucet or an overgrown garden, take the initiative to address the problem if it’s within your ability. Even if it’s not part of your usual tasks, going beyond your duty is a gesture that can leave your employer highly impressed.

4. Give Compliments to Your Employer

Kind words and compliments can strengthen your relationship with your employer. If you notice a new piece of furniture or decoration, commenting positively on it can create a friendly atmosphere, and make your employer more inclined to tip generously.

5. Always Smile

A smile can go a long way in establishing a positive rapport with your employer. Your cheerful demeanor reflects a positive attitude towards your work and can lead to a more pleasant working environment.

6. Personalize Your Service: Call Your Employer by His/Her Name

Using the employer’s name adds a personal touch to your interaction. It shows that you view them as an individual, not just another client, this will build a sense of trust and connection.

7. Bring Missing Cleaning Tools With you

Bring a unique cleaning tool (or material) and explain that you’ve brought it especially for your client’s home. Offer to leave it. This personalized gesture can make your service feel exclusive and valuable.

8. Attention to Hidden Details: Find Spider Webs in Hidden Places

Paying attention to hidden spots, like clearing spider webs in corners, illustrates your thoroughness and commitment to a spotless environment. It’s these little details that can make a big difference in how your service is perceived.

9. Customize Cleaning Products Based on Sensitivities or Likes

At your first visit, scan the home to become aware about your employer’s preferences (such as a preference for eco-friendly products or an aversion to a particular scent), you can bring specific cleaning products that align with his taste. You might say, “I noticed you mentioned liking lavender, so I brought a lavender-scented cleaner today.” This shows a level of consideration and attention to his unique preferences that can set you apart.

10. Gift Thoughtful Deco Items: Align with Your Employer’s Interests and Lifestyle

Try to understand your employer’s interests and lifestyle then do some thoughtful gestures that make a lasting impression. If you notice a football team’s flag in his home or see his watching a tennis match, you could bring a small symbolic gift related to that interest.

For example, if your employer is an avid tennis fan, gift him a tennis ball with a favorite player’s signature (even if it’s just a replica), this will be a delightful surprise. If he/she have a favorite football team, a miniature team flag or keychain might be appreciated.

Make sure to accompany the gift with a simple note like, “I noticed you watching the tennis match last week, and I thought you might like this.” These tokens don’t have to be expensive, but they should reflect your attention to his interests and your effort to go above and beyond in your service.

Such a personalized and considerate approach can strengthen your relationship with your employer and make your service feel special and unique. It’s an act that transcends the typical employer-employee relationship to foster a connection that could indeed lead to extra tips.

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