Low Income Christmas Charities 2023 for Families in Kansas City

The holiday season is synonymous with cheer, togetherness, and the spirit of giving. However, amidst the sparkling lights and joyful carols, many families in Kansas City face the reality of financial constraints. The costs associated with holiday celebrations can pose significant challenges, but there’s hope. Various local organizations, charities, and community initiatives are dedicated to ensuring every family in Kansas City can experience the joy of the season without financial distress.

Charities in Kansas City Helping Low-Income Families During Christmas

Low Income Christmas Charities 2023 for Families in Kansas City

  1. Harvesters – The Community Food Network
    Offers food assistance and related services to low-income families during Christmas and all year round.
    Website: harvesters.org
    Address: 3801 Topping Ave, Kansas City, MO 64129
    Phone: (816) 929-3000
  2. The Salvation Army – Kansas and Western Missouri
    Provides holiday assistance, emergency services, and disaster relief for individuals and families in need.
    Website: centralusa.salvationarmy.org/mokan
    Address: 3637 Broadway, Kansas City, MO 64111
    Phone: (816) 756-1455
  3. Operation Breakthrough
    Offers support to children living in poverty, including holiday programs, food, and gifts.
    Website: operationbreakthrough.org
    Address: 3039 Troost Ave, Kansas City, MO 64109
    Phone: (816) 756-3511
  4. Bishop Sullivan Center
    Provides food, employment assistance, and utility aid with special holiday programs.
    Website: bishopsullivan.org
    Address: 6435 Truman Rd, Kansas City, MO 64126
    Phone: (816) 231-0984
  5. City Union Mission
    An evangelical Christian ministry committed to providing food, shelter, and holiday support to the homeless and needy.
    Website: cityunionmission.org
    Address: 1100 E 11th St, Kansas City, MO 64106
    Phone: (816) 474-9380
  6. Hope Faith
    A day center that provides essential services to homeless and at-risk individuals, including during the holiday season.
    Website: hopefaith.org
    Address: 705 Virginia Ave, Kansas City, MO 64106
    Phone: (816) 471-4673
  7. Redemptorist Social Services Center
    Helps those in need with emergency assistance, a food pantry, and holiday support.
    Website: redemptoristcenter.org
    Address: 207 W. Linwood Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64111
    Phone: (816) 931-9942
  8. Guadalupe Centers
    Provides a wide range of services including food assistance, educational programs, and holiday events.
    Website: guadalupecenters.org
    Address: 1015 Avenida Cesar E Chavez, Kansas City, MO 64108
    Phone: (816) 421-1015
  9. Christmas in October
    Organizes volunteers to rehabilitate the houses of low-income homeowners at no cost to them.
    Website: christmasinoctober.org
    Address: 115 W. 18th St, Kansas City, MO 64108
    Phone: (816) 531-6443
  10. Northland Christmas Store
    Serves low-income families during the holiday season by providing a store-like setting where necessities and gifts can be selected.
    Website: northlandchristmasstore.org
    Address: 3100 NE 83rd St, Suite 2101, Kansas City, MO 64119
    Phone: (816) 454-3960


The holiday season in Kansas Citycan be filled with warmth, joy, and community support. By leveraging the available resources and being mindful of spending, every family can partake in the festive spirit and create cherished memories together.

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